Aurora DUI Attorney

bail bond

Just because you were pulled over for suspicion of DUI does not necessarily mean automatic guilt, and the right Aurora Attorney can very often make this all go away! Contrary to what you might have seen on television cop shows, not everyone who is pulled over has been weaving in and out of traffic like a mad man. Sometimes officers are merely guessing and taking a chance that you might be guilty because they happened to witness you leaving a bar or nightclub. Don’t assume that you can’t win your case!

If you are looking for an Aurora DUI Attorney, you want a professional that knows the heavy hitters in the prosecuting attorney’s office. Who better than Dennis Champine? Not only has he been an Aurora Attorney for years, but he is also an ex-Mayor of this fine town. If anyone knows the inner workings of the judicial system, it is Dennis Champine! Even if you have failed the breathalyzer, or refused to take it at all, there may be other extenuating circumstances that may keep you from jail time.

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