Dennis Champine Is The Aurora Criminal Attorney Who Can Resolve A Domestic Violence Charge

A domestic violence conviction can bring harsh consequences. You may be served with a restraining order, your employment may be threatened, and you could even lose custody of your children. If you are charged with a domestic violence act, don’t speak to anyone who may later be called to testify against you. Wait to speak to your Aurora criminal attorney before agreeing to questioning by the police. Call the office of Dennis Champine, LLC to get the kind of legal representation that you need: 720-858-1100. Dennis Champine is a skilled Aurora criminal attorney. He is also an understanding ally. He will spend the time to talk with you about the difficulties, and circumstances that may have led up to your arrest. Domestic violence issues can be misconstrued. Let Dennis act on your behalf to get things resolved before any irreparable damage is done.

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Attorney Dennis Champine is more than just an attorney he’s a compassionate lawyer who understands how difficult and overwhelming it can feel to be in the midst of legal problems.

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