Dennis Champine Is The Arapahoe County Criminal Attorney To Best Represent Your Defense

The law protects all citizens from “double jeopardy” by stating in the fifth amendment that it is illegal to try a person in a criminal court of law for a charge that he/she has already faced, and been acquitted of. There can be two charges brought however, if one is state, and the other federal. Civil charges may also be filed after criminal proceedings are overwith. Civil charges deal only with monetary rewards of the case. The double jeopardy clause gives the prosecution only one chance to convict a defendant, and if it fails to do so, that defendant is free from the charges for good. When you need legal counsel, call the offices of Dennis Champine, Arapahoe County criminal attorney. He knows the law, and has the competence and experience to represent your defense with confidence. Reach your Arapahoe County criminal attorney @ 720-858-1100.

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Attorney Dennis Champine is more than just an attorney he’s a compassionate lawyer who understands how difficult and overwhelming it can feel to be in the midst of legal problems.

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