Could You Be A Deadly Weapon? Aurora Criminal Attorney Dennis Champine Can Explain

An everyday object can become a deadly weapon under the right circumstances. If you viciously attack another person with your purse, for instance, that purse can become “deadly” as far as some courts are concerned. In certain states, the human body itself can also be deemed a deadly weapon. A particular body part may be the weapon in an assault. If an attacker repeatedly kicks his victim, with a good degree of force, inflicting injurious blows, the assailant can be accused of using his feet as a deadly weapon, and will need to consult with his Aurora criminal attorney. A number of states consider a defendant who has martial arts training as being armed with a deadly weapon. The seriousness of an injury is also a factor. If a victim is kicked into unconsciousness, or if brain damage is a result of an attack, bodily deadly force will definitely be at issue. If you find yourself accused of assault with a deadly weapon, let Aurora criminal attorney, Dennis Champine explain your options, and serve as your legal representation. Call 720-858-1100.

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Attorney Dennis Champine is more than just an attorney he’s a compassionate lawyer who understands how difficult and overwhelming it can feel to be in the midst of legal problems.

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