The law practice of Dennis Champine, LLC

Located in Aurora, Colorado, Dennis Champine’s law practice provides legal counsel for clients charged with Felonies, Misdemeanors, DUI, Domestic Violence, Traffic Violations and other Criminal Offenses. Additionally, Dennis represents clients who have suffered Personal Injury in the Aurora area.

Attorney Dennis Champine has years of experience in public service, including two terms as Mayor of Aurora, and has a solid reputation as a persuasive professional who gets things done. Dennis knows that legal representation isn’t always confrontational – sometimes it’s simply a matter of being heard in the right places and negotiating from a position of strength. He also knows that good people often face difficult times and are sometimes falsely accused, and that the best way to get through those times is to have a capable advocate on your side.

As your lawyer in Aurora, Dennis’s goal is to understand your concerns and to help you work through the issues, navigate the legal system, and effectively work through the experience as you prepare to move forward.

With compassion, understanding, persuasiveness, and intelligent application of the law, Attorney Dennis Champine can help you be heard.

If you need representation and you want an attorney in Aurora you can have confidence in, contact the law offices of Dennis Champine, LLC.

Dennis Champine offers low retainers and monthly payments to make it easier financially